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12 14 Seat Inverness Minibus Hire

Inverness is the largest capital city in the Scottish Highlands and also the administrative centre of the Highland council. It's the north most town in the United Kingdom and lies between the Glean Moor at its north-eastern extreme where River Ness tributes the Moray Firth. The first settlement was established by the 6th century. In the past recent years, the city has grown tremendously echoing economic success and it's recorded as one of the fastest developing cities in Europe being ranked 5th in the UK for its quality life.

The question you are asking is who are the people offering such exquisite services? Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls we introduce to you Coach Hire Inverness, a company that has stood the test of time by providing excellent transit services in Inverness. We operate 24 hours a week with a group of talented individuals who are always at your service.

If you are preparing to travel as a group around Inverness, we have a 12-Seater Minibus Hire Inverness and 14 Seat Minibus Hire that is perfect for you and your team. We have been serving the city for decades and always reach the specification of our clients. We go beyond the heights of productive services by providing enumerable transportation packed with qualified individuals.

Our 12-seater minibus hire inverness and 14 seat minibus hire is exclusively designed to cater for all your traveling needs. The bus is monitored by a state of the art tracking system to track every step you take. The minibus is spacious enough that you can stretch your legs comfortable and hassle-free. The seats have been leathered and comfy enough for you can take a nap without any is also reclinable that you can adjust it to your desired position. Beside the seat, there is a power plug where you can charge your phone in case the battery runs out. To keep you journey cool and refreshing, we have an inbuilt fridge to chill your drinks and an air conditioner to regulate the temperature inside the minibus.

Coach Hire Inverness employees are professional in their line of duty and go beyond just offering the company services but very affectionate to your needs. Disability is not inability and sheathes a member of the family or friend with any disability and needs special attention; we have exceptional facilities exclusive for them that they also may enjoy the ride.

Not only are our drivers skilled on the wheels, but they have been trained to offer any medical emergencies that may arise as you hit the road. They go through regular training to accredit them with additional first aid procedures providing when necessary. They are familiar with the region terrain, and all the shortcuts in case the traffic is heavy. Our drivers also have an in-depth knowledge of the best hotels in town and at an affordable price. They will give you a synopsis of them all, and if you had not booked any, they will be glad to showcase the best Inverness can offer for you and your team.

Early booking is necessary for a successful journey. Last minute rush is marked with a lot of inconveniences especially if you are new in town. As a company that has won the hearts of Inverness, we provide all that is in us to give you a perfect picture of what Coach Hire Inverness is made up of. We will book a hotel for you and also provide a well- maintained 12-Seater Minibus Hire Inverness and 14 Seat Minibus Hire for your transportation. Contact us via email, phone call or visit our online portal and get your quotation in no time. The process is simplified, and if you are in need of any assistance get in touch with us and will always be at your service.