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14 16 Seat Inverness Minibus Hire

Inverness is at the heart of the Scotland Highlands known for its quality of is considered the largest and the capital city of the Highlands and also the administrative centre of the council Highlands Council. Through the years the city has grown rapidly in the economy and it's considered one of the fastest growing cities in the United Kingdom. Historical dating records that the first settlement to be established in the city was by the 6th century. Since then the city has scaled the heights of development economy and life. The rare architecture awakens the city unique and magnificent beauty. Tourists from all over the globe have streamed to glare at this splendour the city is coated with.

With the so many sceneries that you can visit such as the Inverness Castle, you will need a transit packaged that is fully equipped for the road. 14 seater minibus hire Inverness and 16 seat minibus hire is one of the many packages that we offer that will fit the number perfectly. We are a transit company that avails its quality services for both corporate and personal services around Inverness. We date back to when the city was still tender with growth and have continued up to date. Through the services, we offer we have been graced to win the hearts of Inverness, ranked the best in the market for the great services we avail.

14-Seater Minibus Hire Inverness and 16 seat minibus hire is a company that has embraced time and modernism, and our minibuses come exclusively aligned with the latest technology in the locomotive industry. We source our fleet from the reputable manufacturers known to build outstanding engines in the industry. We carry our routine inspection of the fleet following the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines.

Our state of the art 14-Seater Minibus Hire Inverness and 16 seat minibus hire is faultlessly patterned on the inside and outside. The seats are leathered and spacious enough that you can take a nap or stretch your legs without any disturbance. You can also adjust the level of the seat to your desired position for comfort. There is an overhead storage compartment for small baggage, and since you are traveling as a team, we have a large one for bigger luggage.

If you are traveling and feel that you need to watch the latest news or sports, we have a huge flat screen to keep you occupied as you voyage to your destination. It's prudent to keep on checking for any updates in your email or new notifications in your social media accounts. We have installed an active WI-FI for you're to keep on surfing and an air conditioner to regulate the temperature in the minibus. In case you want to keep your drinks cool, we have an inbuilt refrigerator to keep your drinks cool and refreshing.

As a company credited to provide superior services, we have a team of qualified and professional employees who will serve you with due diligence bearing in mind the value of your time. Our drivers are the finest in the market blending with professionalism in their line of duty. From receptionist to drivers, we treat our customers with the respect they deserve and offer special attention to their specification.

If you want to know more about the services we provide, feel free to contact us through email, phone call or visit our online portal and get your quotation ready.